Tokyo Haneda: 09-APR-2022

After a barren spell, I’m quite pleased to report 4 biz jets here today.

N224JE Falcon 7X
N401JE Gulfstream G450
9H-OKO Gulfstream G650
9H-VIE Global 7500

The two Amercians, which I think are fairly newly registered, appear to be ferrying stateside. They came up from Singapore (XSP) via Angles (CRK) and left for Anchorage (ANC). The VISTAJET MALTA arrived from Brussels (BRU) on the 7-APR and left for Nadi (NAN) in Fiji today.



Photo Credit: Flickr Commons / Alan Wilson

JAPAN AIRLINES (JL/JAL) have disposed of B737-846 JA326J (msn 35355). The aircraft has been painted white and reregistered as T7-304. It departed Tokyo (HND) on 5-MAR-2022. It ferried to Seoul (ICN) and then on to Almaty (ALA).  

Last service with JAL was on 29-OCT-2021 as [JAL142] from Aomori (AOJ) to Tokyo (HND). 

It was initially reported as being ex-JA324J (msn 35353) but as of today (10-MAR-2022) that aircraft is still at Haneda. It too is painted all white. Its last service with JAL was on 08-OCT-2021 as [JAL462] from Tokushima (TKS) to Tokyo (HND). 


Haneda: 05-MAR-2022

Photo Credit: S J Byles

There were at least 3 Narita (NRT) diversions this morning. All 3 aircraft departed to Narita later in the day. 

JA204P A320-251N PEACH [APJ311] from Osaka (KIX)
JA822J B787-8 ZIPAIR [TZP23] from Los Angeles (LAX)
VN-A523 A321-271NX VIETJETAIR [VJC932] from Hanoi (HAN)

Global 7500 VP-CSY departed. It’s not tracked on FR24 so I don’t know when it arrived or where it went.